Sunday, January 26, 2014

Poverty is not a joke, right? And it's solvable...

My friend and former teacher Chris Halpin, who used to be Brother Francis and was the basketball coach at Bishop Reilly HS in the late 1960s, commented on poor people today. I had to concur. Here's what I wrote:
We are so out of kilter with what's important in this world and in this society. Simple things like aqueducts that would take excessive water from one part of our country to a parched area are not being considered--and imagine what that would do to the parched areas of Africa! We are frowning on raising the minimum wage and say those workers are not worth more when we put our health in their hands--and pay about 1 million Walmart workers with government subsidies to ensure that the Walton family make their $10 billion each, annually. We look at starving people in various places of the world and know that with a few billion, maybe 10-20 billion we could feed them all--and give them strength to work--but we would rather throw that food into landfills because it costs a few bucks to do the real work. We are simply out of alignment on so many things that it's difficult to see where to focus as an individual without a lot of means. But everything the world and its people and animals and insects need is already here, if we would just generously share. I'm a bleeding heart, I guess, but I often wonder how it is that others are not bleeding hearts? Shouldn't we all be bleeding for the poor, the displaced, the weary, the downtrodden, the abused, the victims of horror and genocide? I think we should. So I am with you on this.

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