Friday, March 07, 2014

Eight Months, One Week on Antibiotics, Coming to an End

I started on three antibiotics daily on July 1, when my leg began to look like it had a serious problem. And, having had flesh eating bacteria previously, when I said this looked bad, it looked bad enough that Alan Shoemaker sent Skinny Jorge, the best paper-man in Iquitos, to my home in Iquitos at about 11 PM with orders to take me to a clinic.
    From then through end of October, I was on three to four antibiotics daily; generally one was a drip and the others were pills. They switched them frequently. After the end of October, once it was clear the skin graft had taken on my leg, I got cut down to one antibiotic daily, taken orally. I did bactrim for a month, two 1500 mg pills daily. In February and for the last five weeks, I've been on ciproflaxin, just 1000 mgs daily.
    My stomach never went bad from the antibiotics, but I will tell you that it was swollen badly. And my joints hurt. I mean, it hurt, particularly when I was on cipro, in my bones, like they were all dried up. I hurt getting into the car, getting out, standing up, bending over. I'm hoping those symptoms go away now that I'm on my first day free of antibiotics in a long time. I look forward to wanting to exercise, not dreading it. I look forward to getting back to walking a few miles daily rather than being frightened of even trying it for the pain. I know other people have it a lot worse than I do. I hope their pain goes away before mine; I don't mind standing in line. But some time, I would love to not feel bloated, not hurt just typing this, not dreading having to get out of bed at 3 AM to take a leak because my ankles hurt so much.
    Silly, right? But I'm telling you, I forgive everyone I ever thought was faking it with chronic pain and I hope they find it in their hearts to forgive me. This shit stinks. It makes life unenjoyable much of the time. If what you spend your day doing is trying to stop hurting, well, that stinks. And I'm hoping my rehab is ready to start and my medications are over. I see the surgeon in 13 days. He'll tell me if I have to go back on antibiotics. I think I'm okay, but I'll take his word. He's a genius in my book. Saved my leg. I adore him. But I'll hate him if he puts me back on.

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