Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ridiculously Good Father's Day Breakfast

Well, having gotten past that bit of a copperhead nip yesterday--which actually had me scared to death and feeling pretty awful, even though I tried to tough it out--today is Fathers' Day. So to all you dads out there who tried and are trying your best to be good dads, HAPPY FATHERS' Day! I hope your kids understand that while you love them and would do and are doing everything you can for them, it's not an easy job. So rest, fellas: You earned it all year long.
    And with that, I got hungry and took a look see at what to have for a mid-morning breakfast. I decided on a salad and what a salad it is! Organic spring mix greens, a diced natural 1/2 duck breast from the duck I made a couple of days ago, some good quality crumbled blue cheese and a balsamic vinagrette made with--and this was a treat--organic Modena Balsamic vinegar. With some good minced shallots, garlic and olive oil in there.
    It might be a salad but it's still a treat.
    Treat yourselves well today. You don't know when that damned snake is going to bite you.


Dag said...

Peter, thanks again for writing the introduction to my latest book Confessions of an Ayahuasca Skeptic. Things are going well, and shortly you shall be famous!

I don't know if the link above is active, so if not, perhaps you have better computer skills than I and can make it so.

I am healing from my own mishaps in the jungle outside Iquitos, Peru, having taken a long drop to terra firma, landing on my machete and my ribs, machete one, ribs five (broken.) But all is better sort of.

By chance I got lucky yesterday in the city, my second trip in to town in the past three months, and I stopped at Dawn on the Amazon cafe to cadge a free cheeseburger in exchange for including the meal in my up-coming novel set in the city. I got a great burger, and it happened to happen on my 60th birthday. I had no idea.

Today, to the dismay of innumerable readers yet to come, I was happy again in that a friend came to my starving artist rescue and paid some back rent to save five more volumes of my up-coming History of Modern Thought, the first vol. coming out next week or so.

Everything good comes along eventually so longs as we are prepared to suffer for long periods in between, I guess.

Looking forward to seeing you in July.

And again, thanks for everything.

My best from Iquitos,

Marina Gaydarova said...

Hi, there :)

I've just read your book "Ayahuasca in My Blood" and I found a whole new world I wasn't aware of or I had a slightest idea of. I need your help on something. Over a year ago I was shot in the heart center. It hurt a lot for a long time. It was like I had a black hole in my back. Also I had a geometric-shaped thing put in my body and the guy who did that to me somehow killed my energy - it felt like all the energy of my spine was transformed into ash. I felt many needles in my body - all over it. I still have pain in my spine. My question is - is it save to drink aya without a shaman? How to get rid off that thing?