Monday, April 05, 2010

Don't Ask Me How, Exactly....

Don't ask me how, exactly, things happen. But they do. A couple in South Korea was so addicted to playing a video game that involved saving a little girl that they forgot to feed their own child and the child starved to death. Don't ask me how.
And don't ask me how it was that we ended up having corned beef and cabbage for Easter dinner, but we did, or how it was that my kids--Italo, Italo's Sara, Marco and Madeleina, despite having looked for Easter eggs in the same living room for 8 years now were stumped by the easter bunny AGAIN this year when they came up two eggs short. HA!!!! And don't ask me how I wound up with a pink goatee, but that's what I have. Okay, that's explainable, sort of. See, the easter eggs were getting colored by Sara, Madeleina and Madeleina's friend, Dulce. What a job they did! Gorgeous. And then, when it was time to get rid of the left over coloring, dad, me, stepped in to clear the table. And someone, might have been Sara, said something like, "You should die your hair green, dad, or at least your goatee." And I, dad, having had a couple of mini Jim Beams, thought that was a dare. So I plunked my chin into a bowl with purple dye. And VOILA! A lovely pink beard. Of course they had to pay when it was time to go to Walmart. Sara wouldn't go. Dulce returned to her home. But poor Madeleina was stuck with the dad with the bright pink, slightly purplish beard.
Yup. I didn't wash it off. I took the stares and double takes. Madeleina tried to be strong but caved and fled to the opposite end of the store to buy bird food we didn't need, and didn't show up till I was being checked out. And when she did she just put the bird food on the counter and went outside. Yo! Madeleina! No guts, no glory!
Corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, beat the kids on the egg hunt AND a pink beard. Not a bad little Easter at all.
Hope your holiday was good, too.

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Silverrain64 said...

Hahaha! Got any pictures of that pink beard? Glad you had a good Easter.