Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Saying Thanks....

I'm sitting here, just come in from feeding the chickens and ducks and goat and Boots the blind wonderdog and the cats and the birds and I was just thinking, Thanks. Universe, you've been really good to me. So Thanks. Not that I'm flying high. I'm living on about $30 grand a year before expenses. I'm paying for my house, the kids when they need it, several thousand to Chepa, the wife/ex-wife when she runs short, Madeleina, and so forth. Last year it included Marco, Italo and Sara as well, but not so much now. Still, when I realized I was out of chicken feed, I went to the cupboard and got a large can of beans to add. And then, as strawberries were $1 buck a pint yesterday--perfect, even if genetically mutated--and I'd bought several pints I had no chance of using, I added a pint of strawberries to their food. Then a cheap loaf of bread ($0.94, I think) that they love, and a couple of quickly boiled potatoes and the left over macaroni salad from Madeleina's birthday party.
See what I'm getting at? I was just looking at the trees and run off creek and knew I had 5 pounds of chicken legs--$3.50--for Boots' food for today and tomorrow in the oven, had plenty of cat and bird food, and the goat just got a new 50lb bag. So I'm just thinking, thanks, god. Thanks white light. Thanks universe. Thanks big bang. I got nothing. I got plenty of nothing. But I got enough to keep the chickens giving me eggs. And I got 3/4 of a great meatloaf I made yesterday to feed anybody who comes over tonight. And I've got a red pepper in garlic on the stove and next to it draining fresh spinach, cauliflower, broccole and green beans. I've got hamburger meat in the fridge for emergency, and $50 in my pocket. It's not a whole lot, I know. But it was enough to give Madeleina a good birthday Friday. And it's enough to give a few out of town friends coming in this weekend a pretty good time. And it's enough to feed Marco if he sneaks in at 1 AM to raid the fridge, which he often does.
And at the same time I'm writing a story about kids whose parents need church handout for clothes, food, toiletries. And I'm glad the churches around here can do that. I hope I do my part, when I can. But I know I'm one of the lucky ones. My kids never have worried about eating. Not once. I mean, sometimes it wasn't great. Sometimes it was repetitive when we were making $5 grand a year, and $30 isn't a whole lot more than $5 in the real world. But still. my animals and kids and Chepa and her babies all eat.
So I just felt like saying Thanks.
And I hope you will all forgive me for making you spend your time listening to that.
But at the same time, I hope you get the same shot of fantastic yellow electricity running up your spine, through your hair and down your legs as I did when I realized: Oh, my goodness. Everybody is eating well again. THANKS UNIVERSE!!!!!!


23 said...

I really shouldn't read your blog so late into the always makes me hungry!!! (damn, and I know I've got a pepper and garlic in the fridge!)

Gritter said...

Well, since there is so much food over there I guess I don't need to send any more of that summer sausage over ;-)

And, I, too, thank the Great Spirit(s) for all the good things in my life.

The changes (for the better) continue to happen Peter. I don't even have to work at it, it is just happening.

BUT when I consciously recognize that something is different (even though it feels perfectly normal) I am filled with a "knowing" that it came from my spiritual education and experiences in Peru. And I am grateful. Thank you.

graffitirun said...

Thanks Peter!!!

Up Against the Wall Motherfucker! said...

A lesson with which I need to come to terms.