Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, all you moms out there

Happy Mother's Day all you moms out there. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us.
    I got to go mow some lawn before the storm comes--the whole way back yard across the creek hasn't been done in nearly three weeks!!!! But I was checking the blog today and noticed, like I do almost every day, that today's visitors included at least a couple of people each from Russia and the Ukraine. So for you who are reading: I'm sorry about the current troubles. I wish you could all somehow get along peaceably. I mean, if you few are all reading this blog, then you guys/gals would obviously get along on at least some level. So what about your pals, and their pals.
   I'm pipe dreaming, I know. But aggression and holding grudges, nationalism and fear have never produced anything positive--yeah, I know things like the Volkswagon came from wartime, but you know what I mean--hate spawns hate. Time to eviscerate hate. Time to overcome it with peace and love and you're gonna need to be at least as aggressive with those as others are with their negativity if you're going to make a dent. Be brava--which, in the Peruvian jungle meaning of that Spanish word, means Aggressively brave.
   I wish you peace.

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