Sunday, May 04, 2014

Upcoming June and July Amazon Jaunts

Step right up! Step right up! Sign on the dotted line for an amazing, provocative, wild, exhilarating, life affirming medicine trip! See the Amazon in all her glory! Risk your life for an adventure worth living! Suffer mosquitos to be rewarded by a chance at an entirely new and more rewarding life! Step right up! Step right up!
     I've got two jungle jaunts of 9 1/2 days each coming up in June and July. Both were pretty full. These are the trips where you get dirt under your fingernails, get to drink ayahuasca, utilize the Matses medicines sapo and nu-nu, maybe enjoy a few local magic mushrooms while on an overnight riverboat ride on the Amazon; go night canoeing, some high jungle hiking, swamp walking and anything else we can fit in. These are the jaunts that have a touch of magic and real, no-fooling deep Amazon jungle. These are fantastic.
    And, unfortunately, several people have moved their trips to next January or February, leaving me slightly in the lurch for guests, particularly for June. The June trip starts on Saturday, June 14, and runs through the morning of Monday, June 23.
    The July trip starts on Thursday, July 10 and ends on the morning of Saturday, July 19.
    Cost for each trip is $1900 and that includes everything except your airfare and walking around money. We pick you up at the airport, we outfit you head to toe with what you need for the jungle; we pay the hotel in Iquitos, the riverboat, my staff, the ceremonies, your food in Iquitos and, of course, in the jungle. We serve great food, can accommodate any dietary needs and still keep it delicious.
    These are great trips and they were both near closed until this unexpected shakeup has opened some slots. So feel free to take one or two. You can reach me at peterg9 at
    A lot of people forget the 9. If you do, the note won't reach me.
Thanks for listening. This is really an outstanding trip.
Peter G

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Siebie said...

Would love to... but it's just a little outside my budget at this point! Hoping to come along in future!