Saturday, May 31, 2014

Meaning of the word "ayahuasca", from my point of view

You know, I'm gonna weigh in here on the word Ayahuasca and its meaning. The Quechua language was not a written language. It was only verbal, which means it was very fluid. My thoughts are that Hoasca, or Huasca actually were adapted from the German soldiers of fortune who came for the rubber boom and for whom "wasser" meant water. Hoasca or Huasca, in my mind, are bastard versions of that. Aya means soul in thousands of dialects from the Panoan language group to Quechua to the Ayamara. So to me, ayahuasca means "soul water",  not vine of the dead or anything else. Just: "Soul water", which is good enough for me.

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