Sunday, August 24, 2014

Don't know how Italo does it...

I don't know how my oldest, Italo, does it. He grew up knowing nothing about motors, but these days he tears engines apart, does valve jobs, electrical work on cars. An hour ago he took apart my lawnmower, cleaned fuel feed, oil feed and carburetor all in the time it took me to wash the air filter. And now he's gone to get Chepa's van. He needs to fix the transmission and he wants to do it in my carport because it's got a good, level cement surface on which to work. And I don't know if he's even done a transmission yet, but he'll get it done, somehow. He just goes into the computer, sees how things are built and has the kind of brain that allows him to memorize that quickly and then go fix the problem.
    Me? I know that when I start the motor, if the engine won't even turn over, it's time to change the spark plug. I'm headed out to buy a new one now. That's about as far as me and engines go. But boy, Italo makes them sing.
    Good for you, kiddo. Glad you're my kid.
    Oh, and he wants a nice boat for his birthday in October. So if anyone wants to donate one, I'm all ears.

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