Saturday, August 30, 2014

Italo Sleeping

Italo has been working on Chepa's broken van in my carport the last week or so. He's been here on days off and after work and is working hard to get that transmission and a couple of other things fixed so that it will get another 100,000 miles with no more than an oil change.
    Right now he's on the couch in my office, bundled up in the throw cushions that make the old couch comfortable to sit or sleep on. I cannot hear him breathing but I see his chest dancing with each breath. He's 28 now, about to turn 29 in six weeks. He's got a beautiful daughter and a wife whom I adore who is itching for another baby. He doesn't know if he earns enough. I told him not to worry, jut share the food at the table and share the love and everything will take care of itself. Oh, and don't forget two heads of garlic in the food each day to keep everyone healthy.
    He laughs at that. He still does not believe I hide that much garlic in the food without them tasting it as a particular taste and even more, without us all reeking of it. That's my job.
    We're just going to have some chicken burritos tonight--it's just him and me. His wife is at work, Chepa and her babies and Italo's baby are at the movies; Madeleina is manning a concession stand at the TCU football game and won't be home till 11 PM and Marco is hidden in his private castle doing schoolwork.
    So I've got two half chicken breasts on with lots of garlic and rough ground pepper and a bit of olive oil and pink sea salt. The beans are heating up. The no-fat sour cream and good cheddar cheese is in the fridge. The avocado is ready for slicing. The pico de gallo was just made with organic tomatoes, scallions, cilantro and red onion. It's gonna be a simple but beautiful dinner--each burrito coming with an organic Spring Mix salad, blue cheese bits--from good blue cheese--cherub tomatoes and my balsamic vinagrette/scallion dressing.
   He wanted me to wake him after five minutes but just having him sleeping in the same room as I'm writing in is a treat I don't often get. So I'll let him have another few minutes.

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