Friday, August 15, 2014

Take Back Our Power

If you made a list of the beautiful things in this world and a list of the horrible things, I think the beautiful list would far outnumber the horrible. Yet we accept the horrible as inevitable, not as individuals, but as a human race. We do not have to do that. We outnumber the bad people, the people who do wretched things in the name of race/religion/politics by a million to one. The Koch brothers, for instance, only hold sway these days because people--including me--are frightened of them. We don't need to be. They are two, we are 7 billion.
   The Rothschilds? Ha! They are a few plus several hundred. We are 7 billion. We have the power to change things overnight. We have the power to change things in 30 minutes. Turn the whole paradigm on its head. We need to stop fearing. We need to feel strong. If the monster is 150 feet tall, don't be afraid. Make yourself 250 feet tall and step on it. After that, it's up to us to make the world in the image we want it to be. Pipe dreaming, I know. But we do have the power. It only works for them when we give our power away.

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