Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Best Salad Dressing in the World

Best Salad Dressing in the World
Okay, I'm a political writer. I worry about the world and its inhabitants about 70 hours a day. I try to fix things. At the same time I need to keep sane, which is where cooking comes in. When I was a really good chef in New York--and on cable television before anyone knew what that was--I never cooked at home. But once I stopped cooking for a living, I started cooking at home like crazy. In all my kids' lives, I don't think they've eaten fast food 50 times, at least when I was around. I don't think they've had pizza 50 times. What they have is homemade food from Chepa or me day in and day out.
But while I'm a great chef, baking is not my strong point. I can do it but it ain't the same as when a real baker gets involved. And things like salad dressing are not my strong point. I've invented 100 new salad dressing recipes over the years but none of them ever caught on like a lot of my dishes did.
So here is a recipe that my friend Christie Engle made for the best dressing I've ever had. She and her husband were visiting for a few days and she threw it together and it was so simple I wanted to commit suicide for not seeing it in all my years. Or something like that.
The recipe is: One large shallot, minced. Three table spoons of olive oil with diced garlic. Sea salt and butcher ground pepper to taste. Three ounces of good balsamic vinegar.
That's it. It's perfect. It's unbelievable. You cannot go wrong. Put it on any mixed greens, add a bit of your favorite cheese or walnuts or olives or whatever you like. Thanks, Christie. Major life problem solved. Now we can return to the problem of eradicating private prisons or ending the drug war, eh?

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Siebie said...

Hi Peter

I enjoy your blog entries, even though I seldom comment! Still saving up for one of your Ayahuasca trips! Have lent your book out to 2 people now, and they couldn't put it down! Will try out this dressing, lots of good wishes your way :)