Saturday, September 09, 2017

Eliminating Energy/Entities from a Patient

Someone who works with sapo wrote to say she has some clients who have been taken over--not completely, but to some extent, by outside energy/entities, causes by things like "Juju, Voodoo, Santeria- you  name it - it consumes some of my clients."
   She asked if I could give her some insight into removing that energy/those entities using sapo, the frog medicine, and if that was possible, how many sessions those patients might need to have that ick removed. I rolled that around in my head for a while, then wrote this answer: 

 Some people are addicted to the drama of it all, in love with the idea of being taken over by other spirits and such. You cannot fix those. But some people have made themselves vulnerable to spirits or the will of other people without intending to do that, and those people you can help. I think you will need 3 sessions: The first with two good dots, the next with three, and if they are strong enough and do not have physical issues, you might go to four on the third time around--though be careful with that because it's a very strong dose. Stay with three for the third session if you are more comfortable with that.

   Now when you are watching them during those session, instead of just making certain that they are breathing well, that their head is in a good position for vomiting should that happen, or cooling them off with a bit of water on their corona if their temperature is too high, you will need to put on a different set of eyes. You will need to "see" into them, and so the work is on you, not them. You will be looking for any sign of any outside force within them. Those can come to the surface when working with sapo, so you might get a glimpse. Maybe not on the first session, but at some point during the three sessions. And if you do get a glimpse of outside energy you will need to physically grab and remove it. You will use your hands as if they were gripping the energy: Your energetic hands will actually be doing that. But you will need to pull that energy out and it will fight you. Why? Because it is comfortable in the host and does not want to leave. So you'll have your hands full. You will need to get it all out, but at the same time you will need to make certain it does not get on you, so you will need to protect yourself as best you can with whatever it is you do to keep other people's energy from jumping on you. Worse, you will have to get that entity or energy disposed of quickly and completely. And it has to be done in a way that it can not wind up affecting others.
    This is important in any healing tradition: Taking an illness out of someone is hard, but if you just leave it on the floor, it will grab the next person or animal coming by and enter a new host, where it might or might not show as the same illness or negativity. So you got to get rid of it. Do you have a disposal method? Some people wrap it in tightly bound light and then send it off to a far away planet that has never had and will never have life forms that the energy can latch onto. Some people put it into the sun to burn and get transformed by that great magnetic magma into something good. You will need some place to dispose of it before you start removing it or you are liable to wind up getting it in you.
    That said, it is easy to not get it all on a first try. That does not matter. Get what you can, and then go after it again during the next session. If you need more sessions to get rid of it all, that's okay too. Sometimes smoke helps you identify the places in the body where the outside energy is, allowing you to pinpoint where to do your work.
     After each session clean yourself and your hands very well, to keep any of the energy's ether off you. And remember to clean and seal the place/places on the client's body where you tore it open energetically to get that energy/entity out. You do not want to leave them with holes.
    All of this and now one more: DO NOT freak your client out. If possible, do your part of the work as quietly and non-interruptingly as possible. Remember that they will be going through their own misery during the session, and do not need you to push that further, particularly if they are having a difficult session.
    It is a pain in the ass, sometimes impossible to do, not particularly rewarding. Worse, sometimes the people who managed to get that energy or entity into themselves are likely to have it happen again because of their energetic availability.
    So know what you are getting into before you start down that road.

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