Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Turning the Dream into a Nightmare

I am so goddamned tired of Trump's obsession with getting rid of every good thing former President Obama did because he's still got his fucking panties in a knot over getting laughed at by Obama's jokes at the annual Correspondents' Dinner in Washington DC a few years ago.
Okay, so this morning, Pres Trump caved into Texas AG Ken Paxton and several other state attorneys general--who had threatened to sue the administration if it did not kill DACA by Sept. 5--and announced that the program would be phasing out starting in six months. As of today, if people who are eligible have not applied, they will not be allowed to apply. Now, first, what is DACA? Well, it's a 2012 Executive Order by then-President Obama that allowed people who were brought to the USA illegally as children to apply for renewable two-year deportation stays based on going to school, keeping a spotless criminal record, how old they were when they arrived, and so forth. The long title is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and it was important to put it into place--after congress refused to do it for 11 years--because a lot of little kids brought here no nothing of Mexico or whatever country in which they were born, and so deporting them seemed pretty cruel. I mean, they don't know their birth country or anybody in it in all probability, don't generally speak that country's language, don't know how to function there. And they had nothing to do with their arriving here illegally. So cut them some slack, right? Tight rules to follow, but if you follow them, you get to stay and not worry about ICE knocking on your door.
It affected about 800,000, with more than 230,000 of them in Texas. Our AG Paxton didn't give a shit about them. Just tossed them under the bus with a load of batcrap about how he wasn't against the idea of it, he was against Obama's overreach with Executive Orders. This from a guy who told judges in Texas they were free to ignore performing gay marriages--mandated by the Supreme Court--if it offended their religion. This from a guy who refused to enforce the federal mandate on non-gender bathrooms. This from a guy who rails against rampant voter fraud and then found one lady who voted illegally and had her put away for eight years! This from a guy who is so anti-abortion that he's closed nearly all the abortion clinics in the state, winding up killing women to save zygotes. Oh, and this from a guy facing up to 99-years in a federal penitentiary for two felony counts of securities fraud in an upcoming trial.
Way to keep it real, Kenny. Making America White Again, making most of us sick, and turning the Dreamers' dream into a nightmare.
Good luck with your upcoming trial. Wonder whether your lawyer will be able to weed out all the Latinos from the jury?

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