Friday, September 08, 2017

My Dreamers

My dreamers worked at my house today. They are two 60-year-old guys, and they were tasked with cutting and burning a couple of thousand poison ivy that were growing along a run-off creek bed about 8-feet-feet-deep by 10-feet-wide and 200-feet-long. I already cut hundreds from other parts of the yard--I don't seem to be affected by it--but did not want to get down into the creek bed and be completely surrounded by it while I cut them one by one. These guys came with a chain saw, two good weed eaters, a cooler full of beer and a half-gallon of fire starter to be able to burn it all when cut.
Now I called several plant and garden places nearby but nobody would come to do the work because it was all poison ivy, some of it 12 feet tall, most of it seven or eight feet tall. And I needed it cut or it would be even more invasive next year. So I mentioned it to a friend, who mentioned it to a friend,  who mentioned it...and then two guys showed up and said no problem for them. They have day jobs but are off on Fri, so they showed at about 6 AM and went at it. By 4 PM, the fires were almost done.
I'll bring in 50 gallons of white vinegar over the next couple of days and use that to kill the roots without killing the land. Hopefully that will be that. They did the work for free, but I paid them $20 an hour, plus a tip, for their gas money, so no taxes need to be done.
I don't know if they are legal or not. I don't have a phone number or names for them--not cause I don't like them but because I don't want to be able to help any authorities be able to check them out. If they are legal, cool. If not, well, I'm glad they were here and I'm glad we got mutual benefit from one another. I love illegals. I worked with them for 20 years in New York City kitchens, watched them lay the road in front of my house, worked with them at the Fort Worth Day Labor Center for the 5 weeks I worked there hoping to get to dig ditches, and have watched them take care of lawns and gardens ever since I got to Texas. They work hard, they're honest, and they do jobs you can't get a legal person to do. They're my dreamers and they're fantastic. And all of Texas would die tomorrow if we got rid of them.

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