Saturday, May 23, 2009

Babies Coming Back

I've got to tell you all, I'm pretty excited. I leave for Peru in one week and am hoping that one fence-sitting woman who's applied for a scholarship rate of $900 for the normal $1,200 trip, as well as one fence-sitting guy who's not applied for the scholarship rate, actually materialize. If they do I might earn a grand from the jungle intensive course in July. Fantastic course: People will learn more about the Amazon basin, her peoples, river living, medicines, magic, swamps and bugs than they could in 10 college courses. But it would be fantastic to actually earn a couple of bucks.
But that's not what I'm excited about. What I'm excited about is that Chepa just returned and with her brought Sierra and Alexa. And while I might not see them tonight,
I will get to see them this week before I leave. And so my skin is jumping so much I'm having a sneezing fit. This is what life is about. This is glory. This is seeing the kids who are not mine but whom I've been helping to raise a little. I'm crazy about seeing them. I'm insane for that.
Yeah, God! I'm gonna see the girls before I go to Peru. Fantastic.

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Have fun!!