Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Heres and Theres

Wednesday, early afternoon. We've just sent the septic tank cleaning guy away with a $165 check and learned that we've got a crack in the pipe that runs into the tank. So I'm paying Italo--who is doing his college work and soccer but has no job at the moment--to dig it up and let's find out what's what. So he'll make money, I'll save no a plumber, have the fun of going to buy and then install a new pipe. So I guess everybody's happy.
But I'll tell you, I'm getting tired of these plumbing problems: I paid to have every pipe in the house but that one changed out in December, along with a septic cleaning and here we're doing it again. But with all water in the house turned off, it's still coming into the tank--which means a tree root or large gopher cracked a hole in it and with the rain we've had, a lot lot lot of rain, well, I guess it's too much for our little tank to deal with. I'll be happy when it's done.
Last years pipe leaks, the ones that pushed me to get a new hot water heater and change all the pipes, were so bad they shifted the cinderblocks under the house and sort of make the floor tilt a bit on either side of the upheaval. Ah well, it's only a house and not meant to be perfect.
Then lately, because some people who owe me can't pay me, I took a gamble in the stock market, something I've only done once before at the urging of a friend who promptly lost me nearly all of my small investment. That was 7 years ago. This time I decided to go with Ford and bought it at $2.12 then sold it at $4.35. I looked into Pier One, a store I buy Christmas gifts from, and then bought that for $0.45 cents a share and sold it at $2.12. So I got lucky and earned a very quick $4 grand and shouldn't have sold when I did (I would be up another $2gs if I held on another week, till today, but needed the mortgage and couldn't risk losing anything.
Now I've got 20,000 shares of stock in a company that makes industrial strength cleaning products that are environmentally positive and quickly biodegradable. At least that's what they tout. I paid $0.0045 each, so the 20,000 only cost $90. If it goes up one penny I make $200 and I'm hoping it takes off and goes to a buck a share. That would be completely unfair of me to make that much money but the fantasy has that $20grand going to a fine expedition in Peru. And I've got two auto parts makers (guys who do those interior lights and switches that last for years) that cost six and 17 cents a share. I mean, having taken out the two stocks I actually bet the mortgage on, I'm not selling these babies that cost a total of less than $300.
So I got very lucky. Thank you, universe. I appreciate it a lot.
And you know what else? I finally know what those guys who buy and sell stocks do. I mean, I've spent a lot of time since I bought the Ford and Pier One stocks three weeks ago looking at how this is done and realize that for people who play the market, a lot is based on hunch and then a lot is based on being willing to watch the stock go up and down and picking a spot on either side that you're going to quit at. Like I bought the ford for $2.12. I said I'd sell it if it went below $2 and wouldn't sell it till it hit $5. Of course I panicked when it went over $4 and then sold it, but still more than doubled my investment.
Anyway, it's been one heck of a learning experience and hopefully has broadened my understanding of economics, at least on that level. But now that the bills are paid it's time to get back to a couple of writing contracts, so I don't think I'll do this anymore. Except for those penny stocks....wouldn't that be nice to watch a 1/2 cent investment in an environmentally positive product zoom to a buck or two...20,000 times.
Now, back to the backed up (pardon me) shit hole we call a septic system.

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Gritter said...

More likely, your lid is cracked or the seal is leaking. With so much groundwater that seems a more likely explanation of the seepage into your tank. I am an expert in the field you know. Shithandling is what I do and I do it well :-0

Anyway, be sure to uncover the entire tank so you can clearly see where the problem lies. Otherwise you may be in for another rude surprise after you think you have "fixed" it. Check both the inflow and the outflow pipes as well. Hope that helps.

Ah hell, let's go to Peru and worry about cesspools later.