Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hello All: To all of you who have borne children, or wanted to, or cared for other people's children, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you find a moment to celebrate yourselves for the work, the intention, the love, the perspiration, the times you sublimated your anger, the joy, the whole damned pickle. And I hope that others around you recognize your work, your effort, your giving up so many things, your determination to make those babies, whether yours or your nephews and nieces or those you babysat for or whatever, be better people because of your contact with them. This is your day to celebrate and you ought to take it. If you have a man or a partner or a grown child, ask to be treated like a Queen for a Day (though I'm giving up my age with a reference to that TV show, ain't I?). And expect it. You've done the work, you've earned it. Enjoy it. And let yourselves enjoy it.
And for the rest of you, you mutha fukkas, well, I guess it's your day too. So I hope you also enjoy it.
Me? I've got an acre and a half of lawn to cut, reservations to complete for a trip to Peru that's coming up soon, friends I'm missing, people I'm loving and my kids whom are crazy, difficult and still the most wonderful light beings in the world, even when I can't see it.
Happy Mother's day all!

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Kuchinta said...

And a Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Peter!