Monday, December 31, 2018

My wishes for you for the New Year

When I sing in the mornings, I sing for simple things. I sing for people without homes to have roofs over their heads and walls to keep them warm. I sing for people without potable water to have rain brought to them. I sing for people who are ill to find relief from pain and then get better. I sing for people who are heartbroken to have a new friend enter their lives. I sing for people who don't have enough food to discover someone who will provide them meals. I sing for people who do not have hope to open their eyes and look out at the beauty of nature and gather hope from that. I sing for people who suffer from war to have all the wars finally finished. I sing for people to share what they have, happily. I sing for people to understand that we are all connected: That the rain that waters my tree in Texas will soon be watering you tree in North Africa or China. I sing for people to find at least a little joy every day.
And for the New Year, I wish these things and more for all of you. Happy New Year, everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Winter Trips Happening Soon--Quit Mucking Around, Won't You?

Ladies and Gents: Time to pull the trigger and take your damned trip to the Amazon with me. No more stalling. No bellyaching. No complaining that Christmas ate your wallet. Just time to love yourself and, if you still have a couple of grand left after you gave to the food banks, join me for a very honest, very deep jungle, dirt-under-your-fingernails 9 1/2 day Jungle Jaunt. Overnight riverboats, primordial swamp, high jungle walking, wild food collecting, and really good medicines. Just the thing to change your life. If you suck when you join my team and I, you'll suck less when we're finished with you. If you are already an accomplished human, well, let the River and Her People, and Plants polish you up to a high gleam. Details and dates for January and February Jaunts are over on my site. Take the leap, you'll love the landing.