Tuesday, November 10, 2020

TRUMP'S Failures


Someone I used to like goes on incessantly about Trump and what he's done these days. Here is my short list of failures.
All I know is that Trump has not done a single thing he said he would, and that he lied on average more than 20 times a day. New Border Wall: 3 miles total. Mexico didn't pay for it.
Bigger, better health plan? We are waiting.
Infrastructure? Not a prayer.
Save manufacturing jobs and bring some home? He's lost more than he's won.
Make China pay? He opens new factories for himself there while imposing tariffs on products from China that we in the US pay for.
Make America energy independent? Hell, Obama did that years ago.
Help the Vets? He only takes credit for a program put in place by Biden when he was vice-president.
Handling the pandemic? 240.000 dead that he is responsible for with his utter stupidity.
The economy? Worse than the great depression.
He'll be so busy he won't have time for golf. 1200 or so days in office, 210 spent on the golf course.
Won't take a salary? Yes, but he's taking a million or more every freaking weekend to go golfing and has earned 10s of millions from using his own places and renting out his own places to foreign leaders.
Those are just a few of his abject failures. And I didn't even get personal with that boy. And you know I damned well could have..