Monday, October 16, 2006

Not enough coffee, too much beer

Just wanted to say hello to anyone who’s taking a look. This is Peter Gorman, an investigative journalist and Amazon explorer. Both worlds are somewhat of a tangled mess so they go together considerably better than they initially sound.

My intent with this blog is to comment on things of both a political and environmental nature. The politics will often relate to the War on Drugs, which I’ve been fighting for most of my adult life, much of that as an editor for High Times magazine; currently as a columnist for Skunk magazine out of Montreal and a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture and High Times.

I intend to drop stories into this blog as well, at least a couple relating to the experience of being in the Amazon. I’m not sure how to do that yet but when I do I imagine I’ll start with a short one called What Gringo’s Expect from Their Amazon Trips–something I know something about as I occasionally am asked to lead a group into the thick green and I do it with wonder.

Don’t know that I will be here daily, but will make an effort. I’ll appreciate the good/bad comments you might send my way.

That’s my intro. I’ll be back soon.

PS: It’s my oldest kid’s 21st birthday today. Happy Birthday, Italo. I love you.

Stay strong and wild.

Peter G


Anonymous said...

Pedro, thank you.


Steve Bloom said...

Good to see you blogging - I'll give you a link. Wow, Italo's 21! And I turned 52 the day after Italo's b-day...


Peter Gorman said...

THANKS, Steve. How in the world did you find me? I'm still trying to figure this blogging thing out. I enjoy your blog daily and would love a link.
After I finish a story or two on which I'm behind on deadline, I will try to work into this so it's a daily thing with political work/commentary. For now, I'm way over my head. But I'll keep swinging. That's what Bonghitters do, eh?
Appreciate it,
Peter G