Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Jimmy Carter Legacy

William Murcheson, in a column that appeared on the Creators.com syndicate, reviles Jimmy Carter for saying that George Bush is the worst president for foreign affairs ever. Murchison claims that Carter, with his sense of morality, reduced the presidency to a moral arbitor and says that's not the job.
I disagreed and wrote this response to the mentally defective Murchison. If I offend anyone, too freaking bad. History is history. It cannot be rewritten.
Bill M:
Sorry but you are way off base. Carter was so admittedly human and flawed that he put the average compulsive-crime-confessor to shame. His decency, in light of the criminality of the preceeding Nixon (Ford was okay) and following Reagan and Bush administrations was exemplary. But never with a sense of morality that you suggest. He was a worker bee, not too smart, not hep to international policits, but a decent man, and we needed one to clean our hands of the Nixon debacle.
Since his presidency, he's been an exemplary human, hard working, not cashing on his cache as a former president as others have--not that he hasn't made a living, but he has lived by the morals he suggested and they were the basic morals of decency, nothing more.
His calling out the utter incompetency or Bush/Cheney--with a combined IQ of perhaps 140 and a sense of morality that would make a bitch in heat blush--is the only decent thing a decent man could do. We are living under would-be-dictators, as you well know. Perhaps you are in the circle that wouldn't be crucified. The rest of us are not living in such lofty air. We loved Carter, despite his flaws as president due to a lack of understanding that the world is crooked and corrupt, a definite flaw in playing power games with other sociopaths who run countries as dictators or ayatollahs--precisely because when asked if he'd ever cheated on his wife he had the nuts/balls to answer: I have lusted in my heart, but not on the physical plane...paraphrasing, but such an honest answer--one that would surely get him thrown out of his wife's bed and not laid for months--that it was stunning and admirable.
IF that comment alone was his legacy he produced more than Reagan, Bush and Baby burning Bush combined.
So please get with it. Understand that a leader of the free world is precisely a moral arbiter. Nothing more or less. And Jimmy C was the only moral leader we've had since Eisenhower. Which makes him a good, not worst, president. Apologies accepted for your completely embarrassing column.
Peter Gorman

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The Grudge said...

Tony Fratto calling Carter "increasingly irrelevant" was very distatesful. This administration will be gone next year but sadly their mess will linger on like nuclear fallout.