Friday, November 16, 2007

Life's Got A Way of Interfering With Living, eh?

Life's got a way of interfering with a good dream, eh? Just a couple of days ago I wrote, with suspicions that it wouldn't happen, that I was owed $95 grand. Some of that, a bunch, was to go to paying for the guests I was to have in January in Peru. Some of that is going to be disputed by my mortgage company when the local Dept of Transportation--TxDot--finishes the second taking on my land for the new road. Some of that was owed by magazines. Some of that was owed by a private party. But it was still 95 K that was supposed to go through me. And there was some of that that was going to stick to me and pay some bills. But I just got word today that life intervened in the way of a medical emergency to the people who frequently get me guests to the Amazon and Machu Piccue and so the $44 or go grand from them was spent keeping someone alive.
I can live with that. I understand. Heck, I just had three of those myself. I hope the people who were planning on joining me will understand. I think most of them will if the person involved will be very very honest and genuinely apologetic.
So there went half the money.
And I'm willing to give them the trip later in the year when the person in question will have the monies for the trip available.
But I sure could have used my cut of that money, and I sure could have used a trip to Peru. But that's life getting in the way. Just happens that way sometimes.
Of course the magazines don't have the money to pay me. And TxDot is being slowed up on paying me.
So I guess I'm not having a great day today. Ah...that's just the way it is sometimes.

It's now the following morning. Nothing has changed but my point of view. Who cares about the money? Woulda been nice and it'll come, and I'm of course hoping it comes in time to pay my mortgage and electricity....but other than that, so what? Don't be a wimp, gorman. Just, as Julio once said, grab your balls and face your fear with a fierce smile.
Ahhh. That's better.
Good morning everyone. Hope you all have a fantastic day.


Morgan said...

I can only imagine how you feel. Glad to read the 'new point of view' addition though.

Last night, my sister (who is also a teacher, so your story about your Mom was promptly sent to her) was working at her other job as a waitress. She was having a busy night, lots of tips, lots of tables. But at the very end of the night someone stole her bag filled with cash, tips and reciepts. She was devastated and very upset. The credit cards were fine, all had gone through, but the cash and tips were lost. She was going to have to pay the restaurant for the loss. She's a student, an actress, a teacher and a waitress and very shaken by the event.

Luckily and gracefully someone in the restaurant gave her the money, about $400, to cover the loss. She didnt want to accept it, but he insisted. Some other people in the restaurant chipped in as well.

In a world fraught with unexpected illness and thieves, it's good to know there are some real and genuine good hearts out there.

Peter Gorman said...

How horrible but how fantastic that she got covered. Good to know there are some guardian angels hanging around, eh?

Arbol said...

Peter! Thanks for everything! All works out as it should just like I learned this summer with you. Stay Well, Go Slow. Let the kids do the work!