Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hello, Everyone. I'm back

Hello, everyone. I'm back from the jungle. I'm jet lagged and tired and afraid I've nothing of great import to write tonight. I just want to tell you I'm home, have filled the cubboards and am ready to work. Chepa and Italo and Madeleina and Sierra and baby Alexia picked me up at the airport and we had my birthday celebration yesterday with an ice cream cake brought by Sarah, Italo's girl, who saluted me with a big hug and an "Is that Mr. Peter Gorman I see feeding the dog?" when she saw me, and Chepa made a flan that was great but not good enough for her so she made a second, perfect one, today, and Madeleina hugged me like I was her dad and she'd missed me and little Sierra demanded "P!" all day as she went through my jungle stuff and demanded to besmoked with mapacho cigarettes and blessed with Sgua Florida and Julio's special mix of mountain and jungle garlic/onions/camphor and cuma lunga seeds in aguar diente and I felt like dad and the head of the household, as Joan Armatrading might have sung some years ago. And Italo had redone Madeleina's room the way we'd discussed doing before I left and it's beautiful, though she thinks it too girly now, and Italo and Marco went over every inch of the house filling mouse holes till there are no more mice and nothing touched by mouse droppings left here--though they did toss a few of my favorite things. But I can live with that because their work and intentions were so good. And the goats are fine and the rooster and rat are fine and Boots is fine and the kids are good. So I'm home and all is okay and I hope all is good with all of you.
Thanks for your patience, guys and gals. When I'm working in Peru I just can't get my hear around anything else but the guests I have, and when the guests are gone I have a party for a few days and heck, I don't even remember most of that (though I did evidently win a fistfight against a pal of mine who thought I needed to be hit hard in the stomach to see how well the operations would hold up--I guess they held up well and the left to his eye proved he was human and not superman--so I guess it all went well.
Thanks for reading.
Love, me.


Kuchinta said...

Sounds like your family gave you a warm welcome home! Good to have you back : )

The Grudge said...

Glad you are back safely. I can't wait for the stories of this last trip. Take care man!

Bill and Christi said...

Welcome back, Peter. Congratulations on another successful trip.

I'd seen your picture on various articles that you had written before I met you for the first time outside of the airport in Iquitos. And I said to Bill that you looked like a guy who could hold his own is a bar fight. And that's the guy that I wanted to go into the jungle with for my first time.

Glad you're back. --C

Peter Gorman said...

Christi: Thanks. And funny enough, on this last trip, before my guests arrived, a friend of mine and I were having a couple of drinks on the boulevard and he decided to play rough and walloped me in the stomach. Out of the blue. Heck, I've had 600 stitches in that stomach in the last six months and three operations and he decided to test them.
And I guess I got lucky and caught him in the right eye with a left that produced enough blood that the thing ended quickly. He had a nice mouse the next day.
First fist fight I've been in in nearly 8 years, since I got jumped outside of my house on Pablo Rossel in Iquitos. Glad to know the reflexes were still there.
Cause I'm basically such a sissy and a pacifist that I'll do most anything to get out of a fight. But I like that you thought I looked like I could take care of myself.

daisyduke said...

I'm glad you"re back, I've been lurking around waiting for your trip report. It's interesting when we come home from speaking another language, how we manage to translate the english into how it's translated in the other language as happened in "the left to his eye"
I like, to that you closed with a " love, me" ending. something else cathartic?