Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dreams Sometimes Have It

Okay, without making too much of a fuss, and knowing that this tidbit isn't entirely true but is probably sometimes true--and knowing that it's entirely more than anyone could care about--here goes.
I was taking a little nap after going through several hundred emails this morning and in this dream this guy I know from India comes up to me in Peru as I'm walking down the street. He launches into this great plan of his which has me paying him a lot of money and I said I couldn't afford the plan, and certainly couldn't afford to pay him what he was asking even if I could afford the plan.
And he turns and says, "Not now. Now you don't have to do the plan. Just pay me now and we'll do the plan later." And then, before I can even protest that that's absurd, he shouts, "Or at least give me enough money for lunch you rotten idiot! Don't you understand anything?"
So I reached into my pocket to grab a few bucks for his lunch when he suddenly runs two steps ahead of me, turns and says: "You're a fucking drunk who wants to know everybody's business in Iquitos!"
Well, of course that was a stunner and hurt but is sometimes right--and then I thought, 'hell no. I might be a bum but I don't care about anybody's business. Not my style.'
And though I hadn't said that out loud, the fellow runs further ahead, steps behind a large, buttressed tree and begins throwing rocks at me. "You want to bet that's what everybody thinks of you?"
And then I caught a rock, looked into my hand to see if I really had it, and woke up.
So much for my nap.


phoenix said...

thats only what you fear everyone thinks of you.

BS said...

WOW such an incredible, clear, honest, and pure message from your Higher Self.....hope you can hear what is being said. Clues for your healing.

bamboo said...

Sounds like you met a very jealous dreamer..