Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Legions of Readers, Where the Heck are You?

Ah, from the title alone you know this piece is going to be about you, don't you. Or about "not you" as you may no longer be here. That may be my fault. I've been gone quite a bit the last few months. But I still think there have been a couple of beauties put up and I'm just not getting a feel that anybody's out there. And, since I don't have a counter, and don't have any ads and so am not making my stinking $3.21 per day, this is an act of pure love and selfishness. I know you might think those two words don't belong together, but they do if I've refused love for 57 years. Now, I'm learning, very slowly, to accept it, and that makes me selfish. So while I'm writing this darned thing for myself, I'm also writing it for whomever you might be. And in that case it's given with love, but since I'm writing it partly for me, it's written with a touch of selfishness as well. See how I turned that one around? Clever for a middle-aged, very muddled, quite nuts average white guy.
In any event, if some of you would please let me know you actually bother reading this, my ego would be assuaged a bit. And, of course, if Google AdSense is reading this, if you could give me my counter back, at least, I'd have an idea if one or two people a month are actually looking in on things. I mean, the Gorman's are quite a funny soap opera, what with rats in the office, an ex-wife whose children by her new beau I'm helping to raise and what with the dozens of guests I've taken to the Amazon who still hate me....that last is a lie: I know of 7 people who think I failed them miserably and dozens who had the trip of their lives--not necessarily because of me but because I put them in touch with something primordial within themselves that needed birthing.
And now, since I don't have a lot to say except that I caught three mice in my kitchen last night after kicking the mice out of the garbage by moving the garbage area away from the house, leaving them looking for somewhere new to live (in my kitchen, near the garbage bag) and that I'm not nearly as petrified of them as I am of the freaking rats, well, I'll leave you to your evening. I hope it's a great one.
Two of my friends are getting married Sunday and I'm still trying to work out driving 850 miles to be there, but Italo took my good, or at least decent, truck to his new school last night, leaving me with my wonderful 1994 Ranger long bed with extended (Ha!) cab, the one with 290,000 miles, and I'm not sure she's up for the job. Plus, my boss gave me an assignment that's due on Monday and I don't know that I can finish it tomorrow.
And that's it from here. If my most recent posts have been too meloncoly, and I know they've been pretty emotional to a large extent, forgive me. Or screw it. I am that kind of guy: One minute the world's funny, the next it's difficult, the next it's emotional, the next it's a story about me and Madeleina playing frisbee. So deal with it. If none of you are reading anyway, who cares. If you are, thanks.
Yours in emotional turmoil and joy,


clown princess said...

Peter - I stumbled upon your article 'Northwest Amazonian Shamanism' on non-prophet one day and have been reading you blog since. I enjoy reading about your life, your family, the trips to the Amazon, the ups and downs. It's real, you're real and I appreciate that in a person. So, next time you're wondering, you can trust that this person is here.


Kuchinta said...

I'm still here, Peter :)
And I'm not one of the 7 who hate you from the Peru trips you lead! In fact, I think you are a wonderful person with a wonderfully big heart! So keep on writing as I thoroughly enjoy 'checking in' on your life through your blog.
Thank You!

Unknown said...

I'm reading you Peter and checking on your blog two or three times per week ... love your wirting man !
From Qu├ębec

Captain Bill Grimes said...

Hello Peter, You can count on me to read every word you write. I receive the Gorman Blog on RSS and am always happy to discover your new posts. You are the best writer I know. I read you to stay informed of your activities, to be entertained, and most important, to attempt to learn your art. You, the Indiana Jones of Sapo; the good father that catches the mice in the kitchen, are one of my heros. Keep up the good work. I look forward to visiting with you the next time you are in Iquitos.

Bill Grimes, Captain of Dawn on the Amazon
Dawn on the Amazon Captain's Blog

Triche said...

Hey Peter,
I try to catch up on your blog on a weekly basis, when I'm really, really bored! ;)
I'm still going through my post-Peru "process" right now, so don't take it personally if I don't comment.

Christi and Bill said...
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Christi and Bill said...

We check your blog just about daily, Peter. We appreciate this small way to stay in touch. You're important to our lives.

Arbol said...

Always here Peter.

Paul de Boer said...

Hi Peter,

I think your articles are educational and/or entertaining, so I check your blog regularly.

I finished my bachelor of informatics, I rent out my house, and in october I will start to travel for a year with my new girlfriend from Mexico city to Peru, Iquitos, Amazonia. Also want to learn more about shamanism. I could never foresee this when I went with you to Iquitos in 2006... thanks!
Paul de Boer - Netherlands

The Grudge said...

I lurk more than comment. Either way I enjoy your stories and appreciate the fact that you share with us.

Jin said...

Just a comment to say I enjoy your writings...thanks,


Piers Alder said...

Peter, I come back regularly to read what's going on. I live in Britain, write copy for a living, love hearing about the spirits and about your crazy family. Your writing matters to me and somehow makes me feel good about life.


Saby said...

Always here Peter, it's always nice to read your post, I come everyday to see what happens on your life and about your trip....love your writting Peter. Thanks to share with us.
Thank you for your blog !
Saby from Quebec

Jorge Villacorta Santamato said...

Hey Mr. Gorman!,

Your blog is very cool. The way you perceive the world is truly interesting.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

daisyduke said...

I'm here, sporadically...but when I do blog on, it's always here first.