Sunday, September 14, 2008

Light at Tunnel End

Alright, this isn't about the light at the end of days or anything, just a follow up to a couple of things that were brought up a couple of posts ago.
First, I was complaining about money. Tough week with lots going out and nothing coming in. But then I was getting nice notes from people whom I've never met but who were evidently affected by my writing and that was fantastic. I already mentioned a couple but then another came from someone who'd read one of my ayahuasca pieces a couple of months ago and he's telling me he's been getting healing just through reading that article. Crazy, eh? But fantastic if it's working for him. And then a couple of people decided to join my January short trip after the big Amazon trip and so that looks to be filling nicely.
And then one of the guests on my most recent trip, a lovely woman who said I was charging way too little for the trip and that she'd send me $500 more actually did. Is she fantastic or what? And then the folks at whose wedding Madeleina and I officiated sent a couple of hundred bucks for gas money and I got to send a big thank you to them as well. So there went a lot of the immediate worries.
Then this morning, at about 5 AM, I was up and at the computer and suddenly two emails sent Thursday, three days ago, suddenly showed up. They were from the editor of the business magazine who I thought probably hated the story I'd turned in for him on Tuesday. And you know what? The letters said the story had been okay'd, so rather than a kill fee, I'll be getting a pretty good paycheck.
And then another editor for a different magazine called and assigned me a story on the out-of-hand violence related to drugs in Mexico, so I'm off to Mexico next week when the roads are cleared and the hurricane floods recede.
Man, I'm just loving this loving that is coming my way. I don't deserve it but I'm gonna take it anyway.
And I'm feeling badly for those who suffered from the recent hurricanes and those of you who are going to be gouged at the pump for the next couple of weeks by companies taking advantage of the situation. I hope it's cleared up soon.
Two last beautiful things on this very very beautiful Joshua, Texas morning: first, my high school sweetheart Kathy, got in touch. I'd been missing her lately--funny because it's been about 35 years since we were in touch--and tried to find her through a classmate thing. And then it worked. Fantastic to talk with her and now maybe my heart will get some belated closure--or better yet, I'll make her acquaintance again.
And then lastly, I got Madeleina her flute. Yes, a used version of one of those $750 flutes I was railing against. Got it for $150 and it's in wonderful condition and though she's so so so brand new to it she seems to be working the mouthpiece well and making beautiful....not music yet, exactly, but sounds. Beautiful sounds.
So that's it. Italo and Marco and their girlfriends doing fine. Boots the blind wonderdog is great and the pig is getting juicy. If only the rats hadn't moved from my office to our game-room of a garage.....Ugh. I want them gone. Put it on my list, won't you?


clown princess said...

Hi Peter, It's good to hear how well things have worked themselves out. I have a simple motto, "no matter what or how things may appear, it will be ok." Simplistic and some may even say naive, but change is inevitable and whatever comes, we adjust. Seems to hold true. Just my thoughts. Take care.

Jorge Villacorta Santamato said...


Mr. Gorman is a powerful psychic... (like everyone of us.) He just attracted the money...

Dear Mr. Gorman,

If you were thinking more frecuently that you own a 200'000,000 business right now, it (or an equivalent) would appear in your life.

Mmmm... Madeleina would actually be a bourgoise kid (you got the flute! good for her!)

mmm...Lots of synchronicity... including a peer from HIGH school...

MĂ©jico? Interesante...

(I will read those ayahuasca pieces, too.)

The Grudge said...

Glad things are good Peter. Be safe in Mexico.