Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marco's 21st

Well, my son Marco hit 21 today. Wow. Who would have guessed? I'm proud of him, even if I am perpetually angry with him. He won't do dishes, he needs to be fed, his mom tried to kiss him this morning and he pushed her away...But he just got his second award from his place of employment this year, he's entered in a statewide award for his company next month, and he's perfect, except at home. So I'm wondering if we did it right or not and hoping we made a good man out of him. How he relates to us is different: He'll always be 6 years old. But in real life he's not a bad young man.
Congrats, Marco. You're my son and I'm proud to be your father. I love you.
Peter G

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Serhio said...

I haven't met your son, Peter. So will congratulate you.
!!!Congrats, Peter!!!

Recently i was on one lecture . The man was spreading ayurvedic knowledge. He told one thing about relationship between parents and children. Something like ..
We have to treat them as our kids before they hit 18, then we should consider them as our friends.
My son is 2 yours old , and I'm enjoying being father.