Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ayahuasca as a Love Potion

ON a board I sometimes post on, someone recently asked whether Ayahuasca could be used as a love potion. The poster evidently just lost the love of his life and wants her back. There were a lot of responses.
This was mine:

All of us, or I think all of us, have lost at least one or two or three loves of our lives. They had their own lives and we were not part of it, at least at that time.
Utilizing Ayahuasca or any other medicine, and there are hundreds, thousands, as a love potion, can certainly work, but beware that once utilized for selfish purposes, the medicine becomes an element of brujeria. The person under the influence will one day wake up, in a year, three years, seven years, and realize that they've been the victim of brujeria and take their toll.
Or worse, the brujeria works very well and the person you desire cannot stand to be without you, to the point where you can't take a pee without them wanting to be with you.
Moyabamba, the prison in Iquitos, has dozens of inmates who finally killed the people they used brujeria on who desired them so much under that negative and selfish influence, that the only way to get any separation was to kill them.
So be very very cautious when asking a medicine to work for you selfishly. It rarely comes out right in the end. Especially if love is what you seek.
Just a caution.


Unknown said...

this is the link to the actual discussion.

The Grudge said...

I think I could use a drop or two of a love spell for myself. How are things Peter?

colorblind said...

Hey Peter, I could not find a direct reply email to you, so i thought i might as well post a comment.
Iv just read several of your posts and i must admit the post with the mad rasta man and the magic mushrooms really got to me in a good way.
It seems like your have experienced the cultural clashes of old culture and new culture right up in your face. (im not sure if that sounds as it sould, but i hope you get what i meen...)

Anyway, i came to think of this link while reading your stuff and i thought you maybe would find it interesting.
...addressing the commercialization and banalization of "shamanism"

I hope you will give it a chance, it really shuffled some of my mental bricks.

I hope yoou will have a fantastic life.