Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Radio Show with Yours Truly

Okay, I don't generally do this but what the heck. For those of you who want to hear what I actually sound like, here are links to two radio shows (one is a two-parter) I recently did. They're mostly on ayahuasca and there is probably repeat between the two shows.
I'm told they're interesting, but I have not heard them--yikes! I get enough of me--yet. And won't for some time, if ever.

The newest show was done by DJ Zart and is up on Radiohuasca.
Part One:

Part Two:

The blog for Radiohuasca, which has this ready to download if these links take too long, is:

The second interview was done by Rhonda at the Awakening Center

The interview is here:

I think it's also downloaded at

Okay, I hope they're worth the time. And if you do listen, thanks for listening.


Gritter said...

WTF!! The links have expired!

Peter Gorman said...

Hello, Gritter. I think if you cut and paste they'll still be good. If not, you can go to the blogspots for either interview and find em there.
I think both were probably pretty good; you know me, ask a question and I just start going off---so there might be some material in there that I've never actually written.