Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, Book's Done Again

Well, the book that was done, finished, complete, in early February or so, has since been through the hands of three editors. Each one had a few large suggestions and each one made a couple of hundred or more little changes. Colons to periods. Accents on Spanish words. Misspellings.
So in between regular work, I think it's been polished up a great deal in the last three months. And the illustrations are lovely.
Yesterday I turned it in to the Johan, the art director. Far as I'm concerned, it's a done deal. For the second time.
And now I'm excited.
We're figuring out where to place the illustrations.
We're figuring out which 8-10 photos might be nice for the back of the book. Just a tiny photo section.
We'll have that done today, I think.
Then we'll have a proof copy or two made, and I think that will happen by the end of next week.
We'll fix what needs to be fixed.
We'll do our best to get it as right as it can be.
And then I'll pull the trigger and get it out.
And we'll see if it was worth it by what the people who read it have to say.
I'm nervous.
I'm so nervous I'm writing this while the coffee is still brewing.
I hope people don't come demanding their money back. "Hey, Gorman! This sucks! This sucks so bad I'm gonna burn your house down with it!!!!"
Well, that would be a pretty radical view: Not a book burning but a burning by book.
You know what? I'm printing it. And I'm gonna do my best to get it out there. I think it's pretty good.
And if it ain't. Ah, well. Then I'm wrong. Won't be the first time.
Won't be the last.
Wish me luck.


Kuchinta said...

Lots of luck!
And I'm looking forward to reading your book, cover to cover!
Much love

Unknown said...

I am really looking forward to the book. Thank your for sharing your experiences and so much of yourself with us. You enrich all our lives.