Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Short Tips for Ayahuasca Journeys

Someone wrote to me asking what he/she ought to consider before drinking ayahuasca alone. This was my response. I think everyone who works in that realm--or any realm of spirit--can probably use these.

Sing to it--even if they're just old blues songs--while you cook the medicine.
Don't be a pig. You can always have more later but you should wait an hour to see where it's going to take you before giving yourself permission for more.
If you see something you don't like, blow through it. Whether with real air or psychic air, just blow it away and it will disappear.
If you run into a tough spirit or two, just make yourself 150 feet tall and step over them. You have no physical limitations in that world. Just think it and you can be it.
If a spirit comes who doesn't disappear quickly, ask it if it's your teacher. If it's not it will go away. If it says it is, ask it what it has to teach you, and then go with it. The spirits don't have a lot of time to spend on you and if you hesitate you will lose opportunities.
Remember that no one was ever hurt by the medicine and remember too that no spirit can physically touch you.
Lastly, remember that you have a right to be in that world. You have permission to be there.
If you remember these few things, you will have a great great time and learning experience.


Graccus said...

Passed this around the other evening before my "sangha" started on three nights of medicine work. Some sweet thank you's that last morning I'm passing on. Like I wish I had known some of these tips 90 journeys ago!!!

Anonymous said...

may I quote this? thank you!