Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I Do Aya in the Jungle and not in a Camp

Someone wrote me asking about my upcoming June and July trips to the jungle. She expressed interest and noted that she had been at a very very well considered place to do ayahuasca twice before. I think it was twice, anyway. And I wrote her back and then mused for a minute on why I keep insisting on going through all the trouble to take people out to the deep green when it would be so much easier and so much less expensive to just build a place on one of the properties I have just outside of Iquitos and take people there.
Well, I know why. Because I love the jungle, that's why. And even though my places are in deep jungle, it's not the same as getting on a river boat and moving up the Amazon River 212 kilometers and doing everything else we do. But there is more to it and so this is the short note I wrote to the potential client on why I do things my way, instead of another way.

L: Just a note on why I do things my way: I was always taught that ayahuasca was a part of the jungle life--not apart from the jungle life. So I like people to get out on the river and live with the people who live on the river. I like neighbors asking if they can be part of the ceremony if they need healing. I like the occasional sound of a child laughing during ceremony. With Julio there were always neighbors and kids around: They just added light to things. The same with Airport Juan and Francisco before Sachamama became formalized. And forget Don Solon!!!! He had no door on his room and neighbors walking up and down the hall all night! Still, just part of things.
Anyway, I was thinking about that and since you just wrote, I thought I'd let you know.
Peter G


Johan said...

Not to mention how many spirits Don Julio had over at his place, I never been in such a full house since then. And it felt like most of them were just hanging around, I can imagine there is a big difference in that aspect as well.

Gritter said...

I have not experienced aya anywhere but in the deep green and, in fact, I think I would be afraid to do so. DIfferent kind of spirits hanging 'round places other than the jungle. Maybe "citified" spirits or some such thing. They might run in gangs and such - ick! I expect there could be many imposters in such a scenario with a lot of color and pizzaz added in for effect. BUT I truly believe that the REAL work, the magical mystical reality that is truly ayahuasca and ayahusaca alone can only be correctly experienced where she lives.

Nuff said!

Graccus said...

You may be right Gritter, keep it where she lives. Have learned importance of "setting" especially respecting it. Last fall we had a medicine ceremony in a New Mexican mountain village. Many had bad visiones and then I had strong sense that we messed up and had not made peace with the brujas of that area, asking their permission. Brujisma is alive and well in these hills and not to be messed with. Then we had 'bears' fussing about all three nights, tearing up tents while folks in ceremony. Lesson...tobacco your circle around your ceremony, honor the spirits of the directions, and be sweet to the neighboring brujas. Otherwise, like Gritter says, journey in the jungle, its designed better for this work.