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2012 Amazon/Machu Picchu Trips

Okay, time to weigh in on next year's trips.
(Madeleina, who is cutting two heads of garlic to refill my garlic/olive oil cup, just cut in to say "Remind me to take a shower tonight!", which I will do, but where is she going to take a shower? I mean, it's heavier than it looks....)
Anyway, I'm doing 4 trips in 2012. Two of them will be 21-day long trips--in January and June--covering the jungle and mountains and Machu Picchu and include Ayahuasca and San Pedro and magic shrooms and the Matses' medicines, sapo and nu-nu. Bit trip. Expensive but worth the price of admission.
Those two trips can be done wholly or in part, either jungle or mountain. Cost is $4400 for the 21 days (not including airfare or alcohol or walking around money and some meals) but including everything else, from boats to hotels, to my team, to entrance fees to trains, to ceremonies.
The other two trips are 9 1/2 day jungle intensives: Get ready to bare your soul to the universe cause these are fantastic and intense. These cost $1800 and include everything but airfare and walking around money.
All four trips will change your life for the better. My team, the river, the jungle, the Amazon sky, the mountains, the medicines, the ruins.....hell, all I've got to do is get you to the right place at the right time and then get the hell out of the way and let the rest do the magic. And what magic there is! Ask people who have been there. I wouldn't do these trips if I didn't love doing them. And I love doing them.
Dates: The January 21 day trip starts on Saturday, January 7, and runs through the morning of Saturday, January 28. The jungle portion alone runs from Saturday, January 7 through Thursday afternoon, January 19 and costs $2400. The Lima/Cuzco/Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu end of things runs from Thursday evening, January 19 through Saturday morning, January 28 and costs $2200. Both together cost $4400.
The June 21 day trip, starts on Saturday, June 2 and runs through Saturday morning, June 23. Cost: $4400. Jungle only: June 2 through Thursday afternoon, June 14 with a $2400 cost. Mountain portion only runs from Thursday afternoon, June 14 through Saturday morning June 23 and costs $2200. See above for what's included and what's not. Essentially, your spending money for gifts, your alcohol, some meals and your airfare are not included. Everything else is included.
The February and July trips are both 9 1/2 day jungle intensives. We'll do magic shrooms, ayahuasca twice, sapo and nu-nu, go night canoeing, bathe in the river, walk in primordial swamps, hike in pristine first growth canopy, collect plants to eat and plant medicines and whatever else we can squeeze in.
The february dates are Saturday, Feb 4, through the morning of Monday, Feb. 13.
The July dates are not set yet as they are set to coincide with the start of Alan Shoemaker's Shamanism Conference. Generally we start around the 7th of July and run through the 16th, but that changes depending on when the conference is set.
Cost for either jungle intensive is $1800 and includes everything but walking around money, airfare and any alcohol you consume in Iquitos (no alcohol in the jungle, please).
These are pretty fantastic trips, I think.
So anyone interested, please contact me at and we can go from there.
And thanks for listening to this advertorial.

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Sammi Soutar said...

I went with Peter and his team in June 2010 for an awesome, beautiful and unforgettable adventure. Worth every penny!