Thursday, November 17, 2011

Da Marvelous Trips

Well, it's been a nice week. Weather has been chilly and perfect here in bucolic Joshua, the whole family is fairly stoned on cough syrup cause we've all got thick colds and the attendant coughs, and I'm getting out there and doing my walking daily--which is good because otherwise I'm tethered to this computer. And now that my friend Martin hooked up a second screen for me last week, well, hell, I'm double-tethered.
Plus, I've been doing a lot of stories and still have two to go: One for the business magazine is due tomorrow--Yikes!--and a cover for the alternative weekly is due...well, tomorrow too, though only a draft of it due then. Problem? Yes. Seems that what I thought was cover story material is, after weeks of rooting around, sending in Freedom of Information Requests and calling eminent domain attorneys and a whole lot of other people, not a story at all. Ah well. I'm in proverbial hole, you might say, and I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to salvage it and thus save my job. Oy vey! I'm verklempt!
But there is a bright side: The book is selling well this month.
And better still: Six people have signed on for the February jungle trip. Which is going to be 12 days instead of 9 1/2 for the same price, because I need my jungle fix. And a couple more, two just today, have asked if there is space. Yes, but I'm really hoping that the interest stays and I can fill it up. Cause the trip is just fantastic when we've got a pretty good sized group of 10-12 guests. That keeps my team hopping and when they're working they're having a blast. Me too. It's still small and intimate, but there are generally enough different personalities to keep things interesting.
Okay, so that's all I had to tell you.
I hope you all have some good things happening in your lives as well.
Oh, and if any of you have a good story idea that I can write in less than 24-hours, well, by all means pass it along. I'll owe ya.

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