Friday, June 06, 2014

Madeleina going to Disneyworld

Most people brag about the first person in their family to graduate high school or college. I'm gonna brag that my daughter, my now 17-year-old daughter Madeleina, is the first in the family to go to Disneyworld. She is going with her band, or most of them, and insisted. I relented. I'm very proud of her, even if she doesn't see it. She went to the State tourney for flutes and the chamber group she helped put together got a "1", which is the highest you get at state. Her solo got a "2", which is great. A music professor from University of Texas at Arlington told her to be in touch, that there might be a scholarship for her. Then she got her grades: She's in a lot of advanced classes and after six months of screwing off, she went to work and is leaving with all 90+ grades.
   Now she's going away on her own for the first time in her life for 9 days. She'll be chaperoned and all that but I'll be alone here for the first time  since 1994. Wow. Gonna be fine. Just have to do a few projects.
   A friend wrote to ask if she was getting ready for tomorrow's trip. This is what I wrote:

Madeleina has spent $300 of her money; $200 of mine; $50 of Chepa's. I gave her $300 for seven days and she said: Dad, you suck. I can't buy anything with that....and then fell asleep on the couch behind me. 
   The living room is a mess. Her room is worse. I've cleaned the bathroom short of scrubbing the tub--did scrub the toilet top to bottom, inside and out--and Sarah, Italo, Taylor Rain, Chep, Sierra, Alexa, plus Marco and her sister Amelia and daughter are coming in an hour.
    I was making a duck for Madeleina and I. Now I've got four burners going: Hot sausage, Polish beef sausage, two whole chickens in the oven. Cole slaw made. Rice cooking. Veggies in a pot, ready for fire. Shrimp cleaned. Salmon ready. Brussel sprouts with bacon ready to fire. All this with my right arm not working. Pulled something a few days ago and can't do anything with it. Changing gears in the car was an exercise in masochism. 
   I guess that means it's perfect. In a weird sort of way.
   No one will come over. I will give Boots all the food. Madeleina and I will have a nice duck with a good dressing and a side of rice/slaw/salad.
    I know how these stories end. 
    This is my family and we are a crazy lot. Catch us on a good day and boy, you've never been treated so well. Days like today, well, I generally do the work then hide because I know it ain't happening the way I'm told it was going to happen.
    Have a great time in Disneyworld, Madeleina. Report back to us Luddites, won't you? I love you, Dad

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