Friday, September 11, 2015

What the heck am I to eat??????

With Madeleina away at university all week--and for three weeks at the moment--I'm sort of alone except on nights when Chepa asks for a fast barbeque or Italo and Sarah say they're coming over, or when friends come over on the weekend. And when I'm alone, I don't like to cook a lot. I almost resent having to cook the dogs their chicken legs and backs, much less want to bother with anything for me. So yesterday I bought two sushi rolls and that was dinner, along with a seaweed salad. Tonight I'm making duck breast. I'll score the fat, sear it in a touch of olive oil, add minced garlic and olive oil to the pink sea-salted/crack black-peppered breasts and put them in a low oven, maybe 320 degrees for 8 minutes or so. Then I'll pull them, turn the oven to 400 and when it's ready, put those babies back in for three minutes to crisp the skin. Then I'll pull them again and set them aside.
    While they're cooking, I'll toss diced red onion, sliced mushrooms, minced organic scallions into the pan juices. When the onions begin to clear, I'm tossing in a small handful of organic raspberries and I'll stir things up so that they sort of melt into the mix. I'll finish it off with a good shot of nice balsamic vinegar. Then I'll put that sauce aside and put a huge handful of spinach into the remains of the pan sauce and reduce that. Put that on a plate as a bed, slice the duck breasts--two of them don't weigh 11 ounces before cooking--and pour the raspberry glaze on them and the spinach.
   I'll have that with a nice salad of radicchio and romaine with a touch of bleu cheese, organic cherub tomatoes and my shallot vinagrette (thank you again, Christie!).
   And that is it. Gonna take 15 minutes top to bottom, maybe 20 by the time I'm actually served and the saute' pan has been washed (always wash as I go). And it is gonna be good.
   Then tomorrow I'll worry about that 10 ounces of swordfish I picked up today...
   So what the heck am I gonna eat if I'm alone? The very best quick stuff I can think of.

Oh, and now that my book Ayahuasca in My Blood has been published in Italy, a second Italian publisher, the name of which I forget this minute but I looked them up and they're legit--asked for the Italian rights to Sapo in My Soul. Cool, I think, right? Pretty cool.

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