Sunday, January 03, 2016

Off to Peru

Dear All: I'm off to Peru for a month or so. I hope you all get through January safely and with a good dollop of fun tossed your way. I'll see in February.
Peter G


Scott said...

Hey Peter, I hope things are going well in Peru! I'm in the sacred valley right now but will be spending time in Pucallpa and Tarapoto over the next few months. I hope to catch up with you sometime again soon.

I am in the process of editing interviews that I've done over the past year, including the one that I did with you, and am excited to post it on our website,, as this interview was inspiring, lively, and I know people will love it.

wishing the best,

Scott Montgomery

crispy said...

Sorry to post here but looking to get in touch w Peter or anyone who can help me w planning a trip to Peru in search for healing (Chronic depression -severe at times, CFIDS, fibromyalgia and digestive issues).
I am 65, and somewhat familiar w San Pedro (had 3 ceremonies) and ayahusaca use (never tried)
I know it is a fad to travel to Iquitos/other places for "healing" but I am at a loss on what can heal me... I am searching and have read of true successes w ayahusaqueros.

Currently living In NM, on low income from disability but trying to find what my options are. my e-mail is
Let me know if you can help.