Wednesday, November 01, 2017

New York City Coffee

My sister Reg posted a pic of her son Tom in half his fireman uniform visiting her when she had yard duty this morning at her public school in Manhattan. The kids loved Tom, my nephew, but I saw that Reg was holding a blue cup of NYC coffee in her hand and I commented on it. "I love NYC coffee!!!" I shouted. She didn't realize at first that she had the cup in her hand. When she did she responded and laughed. I responded: "Reg, if you have a corner store that has newspapers early and good coffee, and then if you know a guy or two selling good hot dogs on the street, and then if you know a really good pizzaria near your apartment, and then if you also know a great Chinese restaurant, you are set in NYC. Those are your basics. She responded with a laugh, and reminded me of one of the great pizzarias we used to go to. Man, oh Man, it doesn't take a lot to love Manhattan!!!!!

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