Monday, July 30, 2018

Using Sapo/Kambo While Breastfeeding

Claims about Sapo/Kambo, the frog medicine that some indigenous apply to small burns in their skin to introduce it to the capillaries that carry it to the general blood stream are getting out of hand. People who use the medicine are shrouding it in nonsensical spirituality, and claiming it can cure damned near everything from rickets to rheumatoid arthritis. It is a miracle medicine, no doubt, based on the science of it--as first explored by the late great pharmacologist Vittorio Erspamer of the FIDIA Research Institute of the University of Rome--but it ain't gonna fix mom's bunions necessarily. One person recently told me they'd taken it to strengthen their umbilical cord as they were pregnant. She was in obvious pain and sure it would pass. I did not have the heart to tell  her it was an abortive and that she was having a slow miscarriage because of it. Yesterday someone claimed it was great to give to breastfeeding moms as it made their milk better. BULLSHIT! Who the hell would know that except a scientist who did a study and there have been no studies on that matter. I think it might be dangerous at the very least for a breastfeeding mom to use sapo. Here's what I wrote, being my political and politest best:
I do not think it is good for breast feeding women. The toxins that are released by the medicine are temporarily stored in fatty tissue until they can be eliminated and that includes breasts. Might some of those toxins make it into the milk and hurt the baby? Perhaps. And even if the toxins do not get into the milk (there have been no studies on this as yet) the medicine itself might. And while many of the peptides in sapo/kambo are bioactive, babies and small children do not have the developed receptor sites to receive them. So I would think a good practitioner would hold off on serving a breast feeding mom just as a precaution. If studies are done at a later date and show that I'm wrong, well, that would be a different matter, but without them I would not take the chance based on someone's personal claim.

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