Sunday, October 07, 2018

How long will ayahuasca last?

Someone posted on a forum page the question of using ayahuasca that was a couple of years old. This was my response:
I always recook ayahuasca even if it is being used just two days apart. If it is thick, add water to thin it and then cook and smoke and reduce again. If it tastes clean, regardless of the age, I use it. If it has a sour or fermented taste even after recooking, I toss it. But I generally find that if it is cooked well in the jungle, then recooked two days later for a second use in the jungle, then recooked in Iquitos, then recooked the day I return home, that it lasts for years in the fridge, with full potency. The last recooking, the fifth, is saved for the day it is being served. All recooking is done with full attention, mapacho smoke, and singing. It's also done in stainless steel pots and stored in containers that are cleaned, dried and smoked.

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Anonymous said...

For sure you have good reasons to do so but please let me suggest another point of view.
In ancient times, when large pots were not available, ayahuasca was produced by maceration: it is said the natives used a canoa filled with plants and water, leaving the mixture to ferment for few days; then the needed amount would be boiled gently to remove the sour taste and smell: it was a less concentrated brew but far more rich on enzymes and almost free from tannins, obtaining a better assimilation and preserving its healthy features .