Monday, June 10, 2019

What about fighting for people's rights as humans?

So tonight, with Madeleina with me and maybe her friend Patrick, but no boyfriend, no other kids or grandkids, I wasn't in the mood to cook. I cook my Uncle Clem's Chicken last night, a broccoli, chicken, mushroom sauce dish topped with good mozzarella cheese and baked till brown--then served over good rice--last night, and I did bar-be-que the two previous nights. So I had the idea of either making a nice chicken/celery salad with the left over grilled chicken, or using up the left over cheese I had in the fridge: Cheddar, Swiss, parmesan, and making a cheese sauce for the left over chicken and serving it with left over rice.
I opted for the latter. I had minced garlic in good olive oil, put in diced onion and a good organic tomato--diced--plus Peruvian pink sea salt and good cracked black pepper, and then the cheeses, plus a bit of organic vegetable stock. The grilled chicken has been deboned (the bones are going to Bootsie, the blind wonder dog) and is heating up in a 27-year-old saute pan with garlic and cilantro; the sauce is done and ready to add to the chicken, which will be served over nice basmati rice.
I'll make a cucumber/onion salad with lime. I think we're gonna eat well tonight. And I hope all of you and everyone in the world does as well. I know that can't happen. We are too cruel a species. But I will still root and fight for it, okay? And I expect everyone who ate well to fight for the people who did not, too. Deal?

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