Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Political question seeking answers

I need someone in the know to answer this. I know I am being cynical, but with the goings on of the last few years and during much of my lifetime, I don't know what else to be.
The moratorium on evictions, some federal, some state, will expire in just a few days. If those evictions are permitted to proceed — and there could be a reported 23 million of them, which would represent about 40 million or so adults — would those people still be able to vote? I ask because the address on their voter registration would no longer match. I ask because if they are registering now, or asking for an absentee ballot and it is sent to an address where they no longer live, how would they get it. If those evicted move in with family or friends in another state, will they be allowed to register?
Again, I know I am being cynical but I would love some informed input.

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