Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Way It Is

I am being pushed a little. Two of my friends evidently believe in PizzaGate, which, if we lived in another world, would justify my separating their heads from the rest of them. Yes, two friends of mine believe Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carry and others are killing children to drink the essence of their third eyes.
if those friends were my livestock I would put them down out of mercy just because they are that stupid.
Other people I know listen to trump's farts and believe that Biden caused the depression we are in and is responsible for the civil unrest. I wish I could put those stupid people out of my misery as well.
There is no Pizzagate. Trump caused more than 125,000-150,000 deaths from the pandemic, he is responsible for the fucked economy, and he caused all the civil unrest. If you or anyone you know cannot see that, they are horrifyingly stupid.


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Luke said...

Thank you for this.

It's shocking to me that so many in the "psychedelic community" (an odd term to me) think those crazy conspiracy theories are TRUE. It just goes to show, psychedelics might help people feel better about themselves, but they don't magically confer wisdom. That's still up to the individual.