Monday, November 29, 2021

Little Back Surgery

Going in for the first of two procedures on my lower back tomorrow. About a dozen hot needles to burn away the nerves on the vertebra. They will grow back in six months or a year and then we will do it again.
Doc asked if I wanted anesthesia. I asked if i could get through it with a local. He asked why. I told him I have been under anesthesia 4 times this year and do not want to push my luck.
He said that I had gone through the trial needles twice with just local and thought I could make it tomorrow the same way.
If you hear some strange sound, like a caterwauling at 2 PM Central Time, that will be me begging for anesthesia.
My daughter Madeleina, who will take me to the op has already said she's not gonna hang with me pre-surgery. "Dad, if I don't see or hear you, I can pretend you're a tough guy. But if I see you begging for mercy from the universe one more time, well, let's just say I don't want to see you act like an ahole again."
She has always been my best and toughest audience. Can't get away with nothin' on that girl.


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