Sunday, March 11, 2007

So Who the Heck Are You?

Okay, so it's Sunday night and I had a couple of Jim Beams (ice, straight up) at a fairly nearby joint while I watched Kansas beat Texas a couple of hours ago and I wasn't really happy about that because I think Texas has more talent. I was at the joint chewing Buffalo Wings with Chepa, my wife/ex-wife, my daughter Madeleina, her friend Shelby who's been at my house for two days on an extended sleep-over, and Sierra, Chepa's new baby, who at 15 months can raise all the hell I've been trying to raise for 55-years.
And then it struck me: I'm getting two, three hundred hits on this blog weekly, which is a nice, small, but actual number. But none of you are responding to my posts. What's going on? In the last month I've written about ayahuasca and pregnancy, peccarys in the Amazon, Johnson County, my teacher, Julio Jerena's death, my sister's birthday and a couple more things that are not of ordinary significance.
And nobody responds. You all think this is normal stuff to talk about?
Yo! This is Gorman, from Queens, New York. Whitestone, to be exact. 21st Avenue between 149 and 150 street. So start talking mothafus. Let's hear what you have to say about peccarys in the Amazon.


Phoenix said...

That's good Peter. Just keep blogging. Are those peccary's good eating? You might also get more comments if you take off the login requirement to post. you'll also get more spam comments but you can always delete them.

Peter Gorman said...

Phoenix: Tell you the truth, I didn't know I had a log in requirement.
And peccarys are pretty good eating if you've gone without meat for a few days.

Morgan said...

I am usually awestruck by it all. Yet I do carry the posts with me in the days following, rolling them through my mind.Ill see what I can say in the future..

many thanks

ps.spam comments can be a nightmare so be careful

Peter Gorman said...

Wow. That's what I'm talking about, baby. Want to have an effect, that's all. The rest doesn't matter, just hoping to move you a little.
Thanks a lot. That was a great response.
Peter G

Paul de Boer said...

Hi Peter,

I do read your blogs and you're a great storyteller. I heard about Julio, and that must be hard for you and his relatives. I just read about your idea of doing ceremonies on your own piece of land near Iquitos, that sounds like a great idea. You can do it; you can guide people during ceremnonies, you allready did when I was with you on the tour. Thanks and good luck

Peter Gorman said...

Paul: How nice to hear from you! And how nice that you noticed the blog. I might do one of the ceremonies. Where did you hear that from? I didn't realize I'd posted it.
I also have some nu-nu I was told you were thinking about. Let me know.
Peter G