Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Fleet of Cars

It's rainin' down in Texas,
All of the telephone lines are down.
It's rainin' down in Texas,
All of the telephone lines are down.
I'm tryin' to call my baby
But she's nowhere to be found.
(Something like that; Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Storm's coming in and Chepa just took the new car I bought her out for a spin. It's a Mazda XR6, 1994 with 199,913 miles on it and I bought it for $1,500 from Italo's pal, D-Ray. I hope it works.
It's car number four in the Gorman Fleet. Car one is a 1994 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder XLT with 273,000 miles. Car two is a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT 4-cylinder with 115,000 miles. Car number 3 is 1994 Ford Probe with 140,000 miles. So the new addition will fit right in with the rest of the fleet.
I think if you have four cars you can call it a fleet. Growing up in NYC, the only vehicles I ever owned were a 1946 Ford Hydrolic Dump Truck I bought with a friend for $25 at an auction to use on our separate pieces of land in Maine in the early 1970s--a great truck and with the words "farm vehicle" painted on the door never needed insurance or inspection as long as we never left a 25-mile radius from either his land or mine. That was great.
Later, while with Clare I bought a 1968 Volks Hatchback with about 250,000 miles on it. We drove that from NYC to LA and Clare used it for two years there then sold it to a friend who totalled it leaving the drivway after paying Clare for it.
I was around cars my whole life, but didn't own them.
So owning four--even if it's mostly for insurance purpses as it's easier and cheaper for me to pay for four cars than have Chepa and Italo pay seperately--makes me feel like a fleet owner.
Heck, I feel like a gansta rapper. I feel like rappin right now. I got a fleet. Neat. Okay, that's enough rapping.
Still, I look out into that driveway and see what orininally cost more than $80 thousand dollars in vehicles and knowing they're mine is a crazy-jane sort of feeling. Knowing I paid a total of less than $9,000 for all of them and don't owe the bank or anyone else a cent is a really good feeling.
I'm thinking I might open up a Taxi Company: The Gorman Fleet. An Aggregate 710,000 Miles. Old Cars That will Get You There. Or Not. Depending on the Day


The Grudge said...

Nice Texas Flood reference. I have my "little Dodge that could" at 190K, like you said, it's nice not to owe a cent on your car. Looks like you are big pimping with your "fleet". Good luck with the newish car!

bruce said...
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dodahdan said...

Never thought about it but I guess I'm a fleet owner as well. The newest addition (and my favorite) is the 1986 Honda Accord I bought from my Dad for $1000. My newly-wed bride and I took that car,with just over 2000 miles on it to Nova Scotia for our honey moon.
The car now has- get this, just 45,000 miles on it. At this rate it will out last me. It sure outlasted the first marrage.