Friday, August 03, 2007

Quite a Week at the Gorman's

One of the things that seems to happen when I return from Peru--and has been happening more and more the past couple of years--is that I seem to bring back a sort of strange energy that interferes with electrical devices. I know that probably sounds odd, but I don't think I'm crazy on this count, as my kids make jokes that I shouldn't touch anything for fear I'll put it on the fritz.
Now I'm home three weeks now. This last week has been the loopiest. When I first came home the phone by my desk went out. It's a walk-around cordless phone, pretty new, and it simply stopped working. So we replaced that. Then my son's car, after he lent it to me, wouldn't start for him. Could be just that it's old, right? Then the sink stopped up--I know that's not electrical but still, it just stopped up. Again, no big deal.
But this week our microwave simply stopped working. As did my coffee maker. Both good machines. Then my truck just wouldn't start. Brand new battery--maybe four months old--and it wouldn't even take a charge. Changed that, checked the alternator/generator--both fine--and then the ignition went out. Not for everyone, just when I tried to start it. Kids worked on that to no avail, until we blew a little Florida Water--cleansing stuff--onto it: That did the trick.
But then the fridge, just 5 years old and a Kenmore from Sears, went out. Just like that, with no warning. Brought in a repairman who said it wouldn't be worth fixing. And then the keyboard on my Apple G-3 died. We had another one in the garage, by luck.
So yesterday we sucked it up and bought a new fridge and microwave at Home Depot (where my credit is good)and just to insure against more family car problems I bought a 1995 Mazda from a friend for $1,500. Works like a charm.
Until I got into it, of course. Then it wouldn't even start. The heck with it: I bought it for Chepa to use anyway, so that I can get my other old truck--the one she's been using for a couple of months--back. And it works for everyone else, so that's good enough for me.
And now I'm gonna go give myself a good washdown with Florida Water to try to neutralize this energy before I ruin any more stuff.
Life's full of mysteries, ain't it? That's what keeps it rich.

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