Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Try Flowers Again

Being Spring in Texas, it's freezing one minute, hailing the next and lightning rocks the homestead later in the day. Then too, the goats have eaten every flower we've ever planted. So we're trying again.
Italo's Sarah went out yesterday and bought a bunch of bushes, some hedge-like, some rose bushes, a few hanging plants and who knows what else, and had Italo's pal, D-Ray use this cool earth turning tool to smash up the little strip of land in front of the front porch. So today's planting day. And it's going to look so beautiful there. And coupled with the tree-trimming Italo did with my brand-spanking-new chainsaw (Madeleina begged me not to buy it, saying she might go "Texas Massacre on your neck if you get one, dad!") and the lawn-mowing that Marco did and the grass-seed planting and the new rope for the tree swing, well, we are going to be one spiffy place.
So if you drive through Joshua and come on this little house with bushes along the front of a ruddy-red fenced porch with an old porch swing hanging there and a new tree swing out between the house and the barn, stop in. I'll find you a cold one.

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it's always nice to commune with your, that is