Saturday, April 19, 2008

Love Yourself

Just a short note to everyone to say it's better to love yourself than hate yourself. I woke feeling the latter this morning, and with good reason: I drank too much last night and wasn't good company to some family that were over. And the drinking too much was part of hating myself, and then I wake up guilty and really hate myself. But you know, I've been forgiven for sins for a long time and at my age you'd think I would have leaned, particularly with the medicine, ayahuasca, that I've been given, to love myself.
So I'm trying to. Despite my flaws. And if there was one thing I could ask of all of you it would be to stop for a minute today and simply love yourself. Let yourself take a few deep breaths, just for you. Let yourself really enjoy that coffee this morning. We do so many things with love for others, all of us do. And we shouldn't forget to love that mug in the mirror, because he/she counts too.


Kuchinta said...

Very apt! I just gave myself some "me" time and went for a manicure-pedicure ;)

MiM Blog said...

some thoughts for you, Peter:

how would it feel to love yourself not DESPITE your flaws, but to see that your flaws are worthy of love as well? this is not to say that you should indulge in them, but rather to suggest that, if you could see your flaws objectively, without judging them, they might reveal themselves to be wounds in need of love, rather than flaws that you are forever, fruitlessly, trying to disown.

just a thought.

- oliver

Triche said...

Peter, there had to be something spiritual going on for you to post this right at this time. I kid you not: I was literally sitting here crying and feeling very unlovable and actually clicked the link to your blog in error. When I saw the title to this entry, it made me laugh out loud.

daisyduke said...

Please re-post this from time to time...I need the reminder.
And keep telling yourself kind things. read oliver's post over again and then one more time. re-wire your brain. you are perfect for all that you are AND all that you are not. every bit of it worth GOBS of love!
(all days every day)